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    How Is a Torn Rotator Cuff Treated?

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Orthopaedic surgeons often opt to provide the most conservative treatment options available, but when a patient has a torn rotator cuff, surgery is frequently the best measure for recovery.

    Surgery for a torn rotator cuff can be minimally invasive to the shoulder area, as scope technology can help to guide orthopaedic surgeons during the procedure. Orthopaedic surgery entails two objectives. First, the surgeon must remove damaged tissues, including bone, bursa, and ligaments. Second, the orthopaedic surgeon must reattach the rotator cuff to the humerus. Once these surgical steps are finished, the procedure is complete. Postoperative measures may include physical therapy to ensure that the rotator cuff heals without complication.

    Have you been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff? Let the orthopaedic surgeons of Suburban Orthopaedics attend to your injury. Our orthopaedic surgery methods provide the least invasive and most effective means for a rapid and full recovery. To schedule a consultation with an orthopaedic expert, call our Bartlett office at (888) 876-0117.

    Suburban Orthopaedics Review!

    Last updated 9 months ago

    I had shoulder surgery back in april with Dr. Freedberg. He did a excellent job with what he had to work with. After surgery explained what he did,and post opp treatment was great. I Would say to anyone who needs orthopedic surgeon to go see Dr. Freedberg,and let him explain how he can help. Thanks again Dr. Freedberg Danny D. More
    Danny DiMaggio

    Why Physical Therapy Is Beneficial for Back Pain Sufferers

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Physical therapy is a noninvasive treatment option that can help back pain sufferers regardless of whether they have already undergone orthopaedic surgery. This type of orthopaedic care is executed under the supervision of a pain management specialist. When done consistently and safely, physical therapy can alleviate back discomfort for many people, thanks to the following benefits:

    Physical Therapy Can Ensure Proper Form

    Orthopaedic doctors often advise exercise as a means to relieve back pain. Though patients may adhere to the advice of their physicians, they may not have the expertise to carry out the recommended activities with correct form. As a result, they may cause more harm than good to the lower back region. A physical therapist can monitor the movements of patients and provide feedback if certain exercises are done with poor form.

    Physical Therapy Can Prevent Excessive Activity

    If treatment is successful in alleviating immediate pain, some patients may incorrectly assume that they are ready for more strenuous physical activity. Should they incur an injury during a workout, it can undo any advancements they have already made. Under some circumstances, overexertion may lead to injury more severe than the original problem. When patients are under the care of a physical therapist, that expert can ensure that they do not increase the intensity or duration of their exercise sessions any faster than is right for their projected recovery.

    Physical Therapy Can Stimulate Healthy Back Function

    Physical therapy is a viable back pain relief option for many people. Though orthopaedic surgery may be necessary in some instances, physical therapy alone can often provide relief to those suffering from ongoing discomfort. By teaching patients how to safely use and exercise their back muscles, a physical therapist can help them avoid future pain and injury.

    Would you like to learn more about the physical therapy services that Suburban Orthopaedics offers? Call us today at (888) 876-0117 to speak with an associate about our treatment options in Bartlett. We provide a wide range of orthopaedic solutions that can eliminate your chronic back pain.

    Discover the Potential Causes of Your Shoulder Pain

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Are your shoulders sore or stiff? This video highlights the different potential reasons for your pain.

    Shoulder pain often occurs from repetitive use injuries. In some cases, physical activity that disconnects the tissues of the rotator cuff can cause significant discomfort. Recurring motion that leads to inflammation of the bursa in the shoulder can likewise incite pain. The buildup of calcium deposits in the shoulder region may also contribute to substantial discomfort. Sudden trauma to the shoulder, which may result in dislocation, can restrict motion and require medical attention as well.

    If you suffer from shoulder pain, Suburban Orthopaedics can help. Our Bartlett pain management facility offers pain relief strategies for patients experiencing shoulder, back, and neck pain. To learn more about our services, call (888) 876-0117 or visit our website. 

    Suburban Orthopaedics Review

    Last updated 9 months ago

    I was referred to Dr Chhadia by my primary doctor Dabawala for my left knee pain. I was very nervous about having to replace my knee.But Dr Chhadia listened to me and encouraged me get knee replacement surgery done. And he did it. After two month physical therapy I feel normal. Dr Chhadia did successful knee replacement .Thank you Dr Chhadia More

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