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    Careers Where Workplace Injuries Are Common

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Workplace injuries sustained while you are on the job can affect your overall health, comfort, and ability to perform work-related tasks. While anyone is at risk for an injury during the workday, some careers are associated with a higher likelihood of injury on the job. A 2010 survey found that workers in the U.S. healthcare system were most likely to experience a workplace-related injury. Nursing assistants and nurses are at the highest risk for sustaining injuries due to agitated patients and the need to support or lift patients who have limited mobility. Other careers that feature a higher-than-average risk of workplace injuries include those in manufacturing and construction. Many of these injuries are due to accidents involving machinery or slips and falls. Other injuries in these industries are frequently caused by overuse or overextension of muscles and joints or simply by poor posture.

    Suburban Orthopaedics offers evaluation and treatment for workplace injuries. We can help you return to work quickly, safely, and pain-free by providing diagnostics and rehabilitation on-site in Bartlett. Call (888) 876-0117 or visit our website for more information about workers’ compensation, sports medicine, and pain management.

    Spotlight on Ankle Sprains

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Ankle sprains are common lower body injuries that may be caused by a trip, fall, or sudden movement that twists or stretches the foot and leg. In most cases, ankle sprains are minor injuries that require no special treatment to heal. However, severe sprains can cause chronic pain and limit mobility if orthopaedic treatment is not sought to address the injury properly.

    What Is an Ankle Sprain?

    The ankle is a complex joint that provides stability during movement. Inside the ankle is a system of four major ligaments. Sports activities or motions that twist or bend the ankle could cause one or more of these ligaments to tear, resulting in a sprain. Mild ankle sprains are characterized by only partial tears to these ligaments; more severe sprains may fully rupture the ligament.

    What Are the Symptoms of an Ankle Sprain?

    When an ankle sprain occurs, one of the first symptoms is pain in the affected joint. The ankle may be tender to the touch and painful when the foot is moved or flexed. You may not be able to support some or any of your weight on your foot without pain. More severe ankle sprains may be accompanied by a feeling of tearing or popping. Ankle sprains also frequently cause bruising and swelling of the joint.

    What Are the Treatment Options for an Ankle Sprain?

    Mild ankle sprains should be treated using the RICEM method, which incorporates ice, anti-inflammatory medication, and rest. A brace or compression bandage may be recommended to keep the ankle in place and provide support. Physical therapy for more significant sprains can help to rebuild strength and flexibility in the affected joint. Very severe sprains that cause extensive to damage to the ligaments may require surgery to repair the torn tissues and facilitate pain-free movement.

    The physicians and staff of Suburban Orthopaedics specialize in orthopaedic surgery, sports medicine, and physical therapy in Bartlett, Elgin, and Elk Grove. You can contact our office today by calling (888) 876-0117 to explore your treatment options. Read through our blog for more information about orthopaedic care for injuries and pain.

    Suburban Orthopaedics Review

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    Boost Your Physical Therapy Efforts with This App

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Physical therapy may be recommended after you have suffered an injury or undergone surgery. However, physical therapy doesn’t end when your appointment is over. Exercises must be performed on a continual basis at home to help your body regain both strength and flexibility.

    Using the PT-ME app is a great way to enhance your physical therapy results. This app provides personalized physical therapy programs written by a group of practicing physical therapists. You’ll be coached on how to maintain proper form and increase the intensity of your exercises with each session to help you achieve the best results.

    You can get the answers you need about pain management, physical therapy, and more when you call Suburban Orthopaedics in Bartlett at (888) 876-0117. Our staff is here to help you by providing the education and care you need to regain health and mobility. Click through our blog to learn more about the benefits of physical therapy. 

    Common Causes of Lumbar Stress Fractures

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Lumbar stress fractures, also known as spondylolysis or pars stress fractures, cause damage to the vertebrae in the lower back. These injuries are common among high school athletes, who frequently put repeated stresses on the spine at a time when their bodies are still growing. Rest, bracing, and physical therapy are the most common treatments for lumbar stress fractures, giving the bone time to heal as the muscles supporting the spine are strengthened.


    Lumbar stress fractures are commonly diagnosed in young athletes—approximately one third of adolescents who play sports will experience at least one episode of back pain. Young athletes at the greatest risk are those who take part in physical activities that cause repeated bending, straightening, and stretching of the spine. Such sports include gymnastics, hockey, soccer, and certain player positions in football. Sports or exercises such as weight lifting also put added stress on the lower spine, leading to microscopic fractures inside the vertebrae and back pain.


    In some cases, lumbar stress fractures appear to be an inherited condition. If someone in your family suffered from a lumbar stress fracture, you are at an increased risk for developing a fracture to your spine as well.

    Growth Spurts

    Adolescents are prone to growth spurts, during which their height and weight increase at a rapid pace. Following a growth spurt, the spine must readjust to the increased weight of the body while the bones and muscles are still growing stronger to support these changes. In some adolescents, this sudden change in height and weight can lead to weakened vertebrae in the lower spine and lumbar stress fractures.

    Suburban Orthopaedics specializes in the treatment of neck and pack pain throughout the Bartlett area. Call us today at (888) 876-0117 to schedule your appointment with one of our orthopaedic surgeons to discuss your pain and find the best treatment for your needs. You can learn more about the common causes of back and neck pain and how our orthopaedic surgeons can help on our blog.

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