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The Human Body: An Incredible Healing Machine

Last updated 2 years ago

Your body consists of an incredible network of systems that are all designed to keep you healthy. Sometimes, however, your body needs a little help along the way to rebuild faster and more efficiently. After an injury, it’s important to listen to both your physical therapist and your body to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

How Healing Works

After you have been injured by trauma or disease, your body immediately goes to work repairing the damaged tissues. Inflammation and increased circulation are often the first responses your body has to an injury. By providing additional nutrients to the damaged area, your body can begin rebuilding after an injury.

How Physical Therapy Promotes Healing

After the initial inflammatory response, your body may need extra assistance to heal properly. The goal of physical therapy is to treat your injury by strengthening the damaged area, restoring normal function and range of motion without pain. Strengthening the injured area helps your body repair itself more quickly and efficiently, and helps prevents re-injury. Physical therapy can also help reduce pain during the healing process, allowing you to manage your life while your body heals.

How You Can Help Your Body

When recovering from an injury, it is crucial to follow the instructions of your physical therapist, especially as you start to feel better. Pain is designed to tell you when your body has reached its limits. When you are recovering from an injury, it’s best not to reach those limits in the first place. Asking too much of your body too soon can result in further injury and set the healing process back, so follow your physical therapist’s recommendations for activity levels. In addition, be sure to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated to give your body the water and nutrients needed to rebuild damaged tissues.

Suburban Orthopaedics provides physical therapy to promote a safe and healthy recovery from any injury. We also offer orthopaedic surgery to help treat injuries. Visit us on the web or call (888) 876-0117 for more information.


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