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Exploring a Revolutionary Approach to ACL Repair

Last updated 2 years ago

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the essential ligaments located within your knee joint which controls the back and forth motions of your knee. Your ACL also prevents excessive forward movement of your lower leg and limits rotational movements. Unfortunately, ACL injuries are among some of the most common knee-related injuries and are often suffered by individuals who regularly participate in sports activities. Your orthopaedic surgeon can repair or replace a torn ACL through the use of surgery. Dr. Howard Freedberg, M.D. has developed an innovative approach to surgical ACL repair:

Two-Tunnel Method
Dr. Freedberg utilizes a “two-tunnel” method and ZipLoop™ technology to effectively repair torn ligaments. This surgical method features a unique graft weave in which a single strand of polyethylene is braided and woven through itself twice in opposite directions, offering ultimate slip resistance without the need to tie knots. This structure allows Dr. Freedburg to create grafts that vary in tension and compression to meet the needs of each individual patient.

Procedure Steps
During the procedure, Dr. Freedberg starts by creating medial and lateral arthroscopic portals adjacent to the edge of the patella tendon distal. After cleaning or debriding the remaining soft tissue, the arthroscope is placed into the joint. The soft-tissue graft is later passed through a ToggleLoc™ Femoral Fixation Device using ZipLoop™ technology and implanted in the proper position.

Procedure Benefits
This “two-tunnel” surgical method offers a number of benefits. These include maximization of the soft tissue graft-to-tunnel interface, elimination of slippage, and effective transtibial and anteromedial portal reconstructions. This means that the procedure can be used to successfully treat a number of different ACL injuries.

The best way to determine if the “two-tunnel” ACL repair method is right for you is to consult a qualified orthopaedic surgeon. For more information on your orthopaedic surgery options, contact Suburban Orthopaedics in Bartlett at (888) 876-0117. We also offer physical therapy and pain management services


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