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What Physical Therapy at Suburban Orthopaedics Can Do For Your Post-Injury Pain and Dysfunction

Last updated 2 years ago

Traumatic injuries, whether from a car crash, sports accident, or a simple misstep, can cause pain that lasts long after the outward signs of damage have healed. Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitative treatment that can be used to reduce pain and promote function in the injured area. At Suburban Orthopaedics, our team of physical therapists can use a variety of techniques to help you feel better.

Decrease Pain

Oftentimes, one of the first objectives of physical therapy is to reduce pain in the injured area. This may be accomplished through massage or the use of hot and cold packs. Ultimately, your physical therapist is working to reduce inflammation in the damaged area so that you can begin to comfortably use the injured body part once again.

Promote Healing

In order to help restore the functionality of the injured area, your physical therapist will utilize a number of methods to encourage healing. Your therapist will increase the circulation to the damaged area, which is important for delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to the injury. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound may also be used to help the area heal.

Rebuild Strength

The most important service that your physical therapist can provide is helping you regain use of the injured area. Through the use of stretching, strength training, and coordination exercises, your physical therapist will help you rebuild injured muscles, restore the flexibility of ligaments and tendons, and increase the functionality of the injured area. Low-impact exercises, such as stationary biking and water therapy, are often used to gently rebuild the injured body part. Your physical therapist will also provide information to help you avoid repeating the injury.

Rehabilitation through physical therapy can help increase your comfort and allow you to regain the use of a body part after it has been injured. To learn more about physical therapy or to schedule a consultation with a physical therapist in our Bartlett medical center, call Suburban Orthopaedics today at (888) 876-0017.


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